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Whole Person Coaching reveals the inner strength and brilliance that we all possess. With your goals as a starting point we will restore balance as thinking, feeling adults, cultivate your innate wisdom, and help you to get to where you want to go.

We are at our best when we make the most of our intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Discover a sense of meaning and purpose that will shape your attitude, and set you up to do your best work.

When you are connected with your core values, amazing things can happen. Even in the grip of crisis, decision making is clearer and our impact is greater.

Whole Person Coaching; live the life that you want, do your best work. 


We believe that increasing self-awareness is at the heart of any development. Whether it is psychological, emotional, spiritual, or biographical, the more that we understand ourselves the greater our capacity to do meaningful work. 


We believe that all decisions matter. Large and small. Deciding what to do, what to say and how to say it, when to talk and when to listen. When to agree and when to challenge. Making decisions from our best selves will lead to good outcomes for all.


We believe that there is brilliance in all of us. We may get in our own way and even plateau from time to time, however our potential is always there. The key is how we tap into it at will.


I coach people and teams, I facilitate groups, and I run workshops. 

I do these things using a powerful blend of modern leadership development techniques combined with older wisdom-based practices from the time before there even was such a thing as leadership development.

I help you to make sense of your situation so that you can make the decisions that take you where you want to go.

With decades of experience I have learned how to enable change and growth. Refresh your attitudes, take a look at your assumptions, update your skills. Shed what no longer serves, and have the life that you want that makes the best of your talents and your potential.

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become” Carl Jung


What kind of coaching?

Breadth and depth with Whole Person coaching

Learn how to tap into hidden depths, and discover how brilliant you truly are. Cultivate your innate wisdom by sensing and working with the bigger picture, and become aware that outcomes are achieved as natural by-products of the broader system. Make a choice to be guided by doing what is right. Help to build better systems and commit to serving the needs of society as well as your organisation or yourself. Develop an attitude of love and use the Self as a tool for change. 

In whole person coaching we dig deeper and continually seek different perspectives. An open mind is essential. Sessions are usually monthly and in blocks of 6, lasting between 1.5 – 2.5 hours each, usually face to face although in these covid times we will work virtually.

Pace and immediacy with Impact Coaching

 Short, focused sessions designed to get to the heart of a matter quickly and without fuss, ending with clear actions to move you forward. These sessions are sometimes used as a sounding board. We will have a strong focus on what is in front of us, and will explore options so that you get clarity about your next steps. Lasting for 1 hour, on demand with no requirement to sign up for multiple sessions, and delivered virtually. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire beforehand so that we can hit the ground running.

Quest Coaching programme

 Join us for an in-depth, profound journey through the seasons with a small group of like minded people, noticing and exploring how the natural cycle echoes the rhythm of most organisations. The quest programme involves 4 group weekends over 12 months with outdoor working and individual/group exercises, and discussion, combined with individual whole person coaching, community working, a reading list, and commitment to a mindfulness/meditation practice. The quest coaching programme is a perfect opportunity for those at one of life’s transition points. It is a unique opportunity to update your idea of who you really are, and to allow this to shape the next chapter in your life. 

"After many years in a leadership position I was feeling isolated and frustrated, in need of someone to talk things through with, someone with the right skills and knowledge and who really understood the territory. We got off to a great start in our first session. Phil questioned me and listened really well, quickly identifying areas that I had lost sight of. The whole session was co-creative, and I went away feeling highly energized and ready to take action with a set of specific and very timely strategies."
Kate Bird
Teacher, journalist, group process facilitator
"If you need someone who can get to the heart of a complex, clouded situation or rocky group dynamic and walk with you to clarity, Phil is the perfect guide. One to one or with groups of senior leaders, he will challenge with compassion. You’ll never feel judged or inadequate, but neither will you be let off the hook. Phil delivers real development that has a lasting impact."
Sarah Jane Williamson
"An inspiring series of coaching sessions, unlike any of the others I have been involved in. Phil was able to rapidly get to the heart of the issue even without working in the pharma industry, ask great questions and push me to see how I could approach things differently, and ultimately help me to grow as a person. "
Dr Reudiger Merkel
Franchise Head, Pharma industry

“What got you here, won’t get you there.” Marshall Goldsmith


Something happens when we sit in a circle and tell stories about our lives, and open up about our hopes and fears. More and more we are are getting outside and utilising the power of nature to have more honest, transformative conversations, where the truth can be spoken and heard. Phil has been working with groups and teams for many years. Whether in structured programmatic work, or in pure 'in the moment' facilitation, outside or in a room, he has the skills to handle conflict, break through blockages and barriers, and agree better ways of working and being.

"That was some amazing facilitation. As you know there were some really difficult dynamics in the team, and you helped us to have honest conversations and clear the air."
Exec Director of Fundraising
Leading UK health charity
"The best facilitation I have ever experienced." (ftse 100 ExCo team)
Group Head of Talent
FS sector
"Thank you Phil. Your insights took my thinking to a different level. Outstanding facilitation."
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About Me

Phil Roberts

Whole Person Coach. facilitator.

Phil has over 40 years experience working with some of the world’s biggest and best known organisations across all continents, including global corporates, UN agencies, government and public sector, and charities large and small.

He has dedicated over 30 years to his own spiritual and transpersonal development, initially under the supervision of the late Judy Fraser, and more latterly working with Dr. William Bloom. He is a leadership development expert, an educator, and a pioneer and original thinker at the intersection of where the mainstream and the alternative worlds meet.

With wisdom, curiosity, and humility, he believes more than ever in the transformative power of relationships; with ourselves, with others, and with community and society. He has enormous skill and a long track record in helping men and women of all ages connect with the very best of themselves. Above all else, he works with an attitude of love, service, and compassion.

His background includes training and qualifications in coaching, many forms of depth psychology, constellations, management and leadership, psychometrics, 360, process facilitation, and authentic business/leadership. He has personal experience of talk therapy, Vision Quest, Way of Council, and spiritual health and wellbeing. He has often been asked to step into a mentor role, including working as a volunteer mentor for people with learning difficulties.

He currently works as an educator in a spiritual health and wellbeing charity. He is also a trustee at The Chalice Well, world peace garden in Glastonbury.

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