Stick or twist?

Stick or twist?

So here I am, a well-respected Partner in a thriving business with great colleagues, working with some of the most well known organizations in the world and with a long track record behind me. I’ve enjoyed doing what I do for many years. So why on earth am I deciding to take a left turn with my work and set up a new venture?  All logic and reason says to stay in the comfort zone and keep on the same path, and avoid the risk and turmoil of change.

And yet more than logic and reason drives me. I have an instinct that I cannot ignore, and a need to satisfy something that has been building for years. There is some deeper part of me that is now demanding to be heard.

Do I play safe or take the plunge? Stick or twist?

To not even try would be to leave a question unanswered for the remaining years of my life. In the weighing up of options, what shouts the loudest is the infamous deathbed question of life’s regrets.

What, then, is the deeper part of me that’s demanding to be heard actually saying? That my life needs to mean something, that work is a big part of my life, and that there is a depth to my work that I haven’t fully explored yet. It also says that I have the potential to do more, and that it is important that I try. A good friend said to me just yesterday, that the further away we get from our intrinsic values and how we make meaning out of our life, the less satisfied we become.

I don’t think I have strayed from my values. I have, however, become clearer about how I perceive my sense of meaning. Now is the time.

I am fortunate, as unlike many I am in a position of choice. This then is my choice. To step forward once again and make a transition to take me even more fully into the work I believe I will do for the rest of my life.

I am excited, and if I’m honest I am also a bit nervous. And I feel alive.

Watch this space and stay tuned, and let me leave you for now with one of my favourite quotes;

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”. Carl Jung

If you want help in choosing what to become, in what transitions you could make, and want to explore what this means for how you lead yourself and how you lead others, get in touch. There are conversations waiting to be had.